Tofinou 7.9 wins Sailboat of the Year Award for innovation

Tofinou 7.9 wins Sailboat of the Year Award for innovation

During the Voile Magazine 2024 Sailboat of the Year election, the jury awarded the new Tofinou 7.9 the Bernard Rubinstein Award for innovation and boldness. Remarks from the jury said that it was "love at first sight", and this new model from Tofinou "surprised with its character and balance".

The Ensign Yachts team are proud to represent Tofinou in Australia, with their latest models being at the forefront of sustainable yachting with their innovative electric sail-drive motor. Tofinou have designed a removable cassette battery system to power the sail-drive motor, so batteries can be individually taken home and recharged. It comes as no surprise that the new 7.9 is being recognised for its innovation and boldness. Adding to this, the 7.9 is designed to fit inside a standard 40ft shipping container, reducing associated travel costs.

We look forward to having the first electric Tofinou 7.9 in Australia next year and experiencing its capabilities! 

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